Monday, 24 October 2016

The Magician

She knew what she saw
was an illusion.
Again she went to the same magician.
The masquerade had fallen long ago.
Was it his dexterity or her oblivion
that made her forget that
Treacherous Blow ?

-Tanushree Dutta 

Saturday, 28 May 2016

Unconditional Love

As he went to the world beyond ,
nobody in the blue planet for him mourned.
Not even his master , his 'Beloved Master'.
Each day a question
perturbed the Creator.
Why he wagged tail
for that whipper , his 'Beloved Master'.
"Did your self respect get slaughtered ?"
"Faithfulness for him will always reside .
Hatred will get murdered."
Is he an epitome
of love that is unconditional
or a fool who never to see
the real face of his 'Beloved Master'.

                                 -Tanushree Dutta

Friday, 12 February 2016

Born to die

There in those shores
as she lies ,
finally she closes her eyes .
But she is salmon
she is born to die.
Charles happily took her away .
He didn't think twice
about brave salmon's life .
Because she was salmon ,
she had to die .
Amidst the strong current ,
she found her mate.
How could she now escape her fate?
But she was salmon.
She was born to die.
Bereft of any apprehensions
as she completed her
long swim to death,
she wished to know
if the orphaned fries
ever realize her sacrifice?
Or they too will say
Because she was salmon,
she had to die .
- Tanushree Dutta

Monday, 3 August 2015

Shall I not escape when the doors are open?

Shall I not escape when the doors are open?
to feel that fresh breeze my heart yearns.
It wants to flyway into those skies.
As I look upto the sun the sight of that eagle
forces me to stay.
But here when she feeds me grain everyday,
she promises me to send to those skies one day.
If to be welcomed by eagle
is in my fate
Shall I leave her,
And fly away?
                                     -Tanushree Dutta

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Standing at crossroads

The ways are unknown to me
as they were to you.
Gazing them from the crossroad each day
and trying to calculate Present Discounted Value
of both ways,
I have stopped enjoying the 'present' , yes which is today.
If not chosen one
they will always remain unknown.
Future isn't only mysterious to me.
They were also to you.
But walking on one
will allow me to discover
one of the unknown .
-Tanushree Dutta

Friday, 29 August 2014

Truth behind her silence

On that chilly night,
as she walked
on that dim and crowded street
she saw
how darkness united all.
The feeling of getting lost
let them to find companion.
But there she was
still walking alone,
not because she was a Cimmerian.
But because she felt that light
of the golden past
was enough to guide her.
She was unaware
that on that windy night
she too required warmth.
So now among those
familiar strangers
she is struggling to find companion.
Still she is silent,
Because she likes
things to be kept hidden.

                                                  -Tanushree Dutta
She was unaware that on that windy night she too required warmth

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Being Mature

On that bus
where I am riding
beneath my veil of sparkling glee
grief is hiding.
With all coercion
I had to choke my emotions.
Hearing that loud cry,
to my heart ,begged I
not to let pour
the sentiments of yours.

That infant is so free
she could let the world see
her wail,wrath and laughter.
She is her own master.

Trying to divert my mind
as I looked out of the window,
amidst the black clouds I find,
the caged tears of my eyes
are eloping from the black skies.

Unbounded by any chains,
the nature is showering rains.
That infant is too showcasing her pains.
To their freedom I am envious.
But to the world
my agonies' seizure
is the only definition of
"Being Mature".
                           -Tanushree Dutta