Monday, 3 August 2015

Shall I not escape when the doors are open?

Shall I not escape when the doors are open?
to feel that fresh breeze my heart yearns.
It wants to flyway into those skies.
As I look upto the sun the sight of that eagle
forces me to stay.
But here when she feeds me grain everyday,
she promises me to send to those skies one day.
If to be welcomed by eagle
is in my fate
Shall I leave her,
And fly away?
                                     -Tanushree Dutta

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Standing at crossroads

The ways are unknown to me
as they were to you.
Gazing them from the crossroad each day
and trying to calculate Present Discounted Value
of both ways,
I have stopped enjoying the 'present' , yes which is today.
If not chosen one
they will always remain unknown.
Future isn't only mysterious to me.
They were also to you.
But walking on one
will allow me to discover
one of the unknown .
-Tanushree Dutta