Saturday, 25 August 2012

The Longing of a Soulful and Solitary Lover

For a glimpse of you, my eyes yearn.

And one more silent night passed.
I am in solitude.
Still distressed and anxious is my mood.
Stealthily when the wind kissed me
I felt your presence, oh fiancée.
Came like a dawn,
were those old memories.
Gave solace to this heart which is full of agonies.
I am horrified dear beloved.
That wind which just blew,
brought with it a stench of blood.
For a glimpse of you, my eyes yearn.
How painful can love become
now I learn.
I hope after this rain
comes   a rainbow.
You defeat the country’s foe.
And then embracing me
You fulfill yours ‘Togetherness’ Vow’
-Tanushree Dutta

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Moments left undefined

The jocundity of my vacation
came to an abrupt end.
The pangs of separation
could no longer be mend.

The cab's arrival at that jiff
had jolted me from within.
It was certainly a blemish
on our 'Family Gathering' scene.

Standing on the airport
I was subject to torment.
Astonishingly,choked was my throat.
I remained speechless at that moment.

While hugging and kissing my sister
on her cheeks, I felt dew.
Took regards from my mother and father.
I wished them all
A cheerful adieu.
                            -Tanushree Dutta

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Freedom from my own country??

Amidst the amalgam  of all the patriotic songs played countrywide today,I felt myself very lucky for having born in independent India. The spirit of independence, liberation and freedom  is a feeling that everyone cherishes.Freedom from tyranny, oppression, subjugation is independence. But does the meaning of independence limits to this only ? Does independence only mean being aware of your rights and raising voice to enjoy them ? Does it not mean discharging your fundamental duties ?

The cases of corruption, terrorism, riots and other crimes are increasing at an alarming rate. Unquestionably, in the international economic arena India is reaching new heights. But sadly, in this fast pace of development we Indians have become so self-centered.Those feelings of patriotism and brotherhood merely  remained entangled in history books.

On seeing this plight of independent India I really feel
'Does independence mean being independent of your own country ? '
                    JAI HIND and HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY
                                                                                    -Tanushree Dutta

Monday, 13 August 2012

A glimpse of Tanushree

With ideas flowing like that of a vagabond.
To write only
I am born.
A great dreamer.
and of  pristine beauty 
I am always an admirer.
A heart filled with patriotism
and eternal love for my nation.
But has no space for jingoism.
Like every other girl
I would like to mention
have a craze for fairy tales and fable.
A strong opponent of a warmonger.
I asseverate
of Ahimsa, I am a follower.
A god-fearing person
having a lot of respect
for all religions.

To know more about
this free spirited damsel
just go on reading the posts of
Tanushree Mademoiselle.
                                   -Tanushree Dutta

Friday, 10 August 2012

Is knowledge about the past useful ?

Knowledge about the past is useful to complete our knowledge of the world we live in. Time is a continuous process. It can't be divided into watertight compartments into past, present or future. Nevertheless, it's worthwhile to learn lessons from our follies and failures in the past.The past events act as a pointer or sign post to guide us. The past is stored either in history books or in the mind of each individual.Our present civilization is governed by our good or bad deeds.

All of us know how cleverly Chattrapati Shivaji befooled the Mughals and escaped from the prison. This act of Shivaji might have inspired Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose to meticulously plan his escape from house arrest and got success in his efforts.

In the Battle of Plassey Mir Zafar conspired with the British. As a result of his betrayal , Nawab Sherajudullah lost the battle of Plassey to the British. This was a stepping stone to two hundred years of British rule and misery of India being  subjugated to British colonialism. The militants in our country who conpire with foreign powers and act against the interest of motherland should take lessons from such past events. They should try to foresee that if they try to weaken the motherland by their continuous sessimist   act and help foreign powers to dominate us they would also not be spared by the tyranny of foreign powers in the long run. Indian muslims who are settled in Pakistan are called 'Muhajir ' and are looked down upon thereby not equally treated. During British rule we had also seen those who helped Britishers weren't given equal status by the Britishers.

So, friends present times can't be separated from the past. The shadow of past wraps the world we live in. The bond is inseperable. Moreover, what we call present today will become history tomorrow!!

                                                                     - Tanushree Dutta