Monday, 13 August 2012

A glimpse of Tanushree

With ideas flowing like that of a vagabond.
To write only
I am born.
A great dreamer.
and of  pristine beauty 
I am always an admirer.
A heart filled with patriotism
and eternal love for my nation.
But has no space for jingoism.
Like every other girl
I would like to mention
have a craze for fairy tales and fable.
A strong opponent of a warmonger.
I asseverate
of Ahimsa, I am a follower.
A god-fearing person
having a lot of respect
for all religions.

To know more about
this free spirited damsel
just go on reading the posts of
Tanushree Mademoiselle.
                                   -Tanushree Dutta

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