Saturday, 8 December 2012

The Denizens of the Land of Rising Sun

Their spirits never founder
in any disaster.
Even in the worst melancholy
their hopes aren’t shattered so easily.
Before their courage, that’s boundless
fiascos have to be faced by menace.
They do bend with gratitude
but nothing can break their fortitude.
Bravely they face each  twist and turn.
They are the people of
The Land of Rising Sun.
-          Tanushree Dutta

Tuesday, 4 December 2012


In order to survive I had to remain awake so as to keep a close watch on my enemies’ action. My poor soul was ruthlessly being subdued by my foes. For the last one month I had  been held as a captive. I was mercilessly being subject to harsh punishments. Alas!I  was able to break those strong chains.Hurrah!I have fled from the prison. Ah! How nice is this feeling of “Freedom “after the “Examination”. 

Oops! Have I made a mountain out of  a molehill? :P
                                                                                      - Tanushree Dutta