Thursday, 13 September 2012

Confessions of an adult

Standing before the mirror after a decade
I suddenly realised
I too have become a facade
and my noble qualities did get fade.

The world which is really cynical
made me skeptical.
I was amicable before.
But those were the days of yore.

Discovering myself too featuring hypocrisy
was astonishing for me.
Now I am engulfed in dirty politics
have started applying all those cheap tactics.

Running in this rat race of mad competition
I found myself a selfish person.
In order to fulfill my insatiable desire
I have become so dire!

The journey to adulthood made me cruel
as I had to survive in this battle.
I am now unable to find  in this ambiance
my misplaced childhood innocence.

I thank you baby dear
as your face like mirror
made me remember
all those qualities which I
possess no longer.
                                     -Tanushree Dutta

Friday, 7 September 2012

Loneliness- The Murderer

When the silence prevails
the warmth of life gets curtailed.
One can clearly hear the tick-tock
of that monotonous clock.
Being deprived of emotional wants
the feeling of desolation haunts.
Question about his own existence
disturbs, in absence of human presence.
In this tensed situation
pessimism paves way to depression.
Being lost in loneliness
one doesn't finds the way out
from this darkness.
Oh pal!Please demist
before he ends his life
in a fit.
                                               -Tanushree Dutta