Sunday, 21 July 2013

Being Mature

On that bus
where I am riding
beneath my veil of sparkling glee
grief is hiding.
With all coercion
I had to choke my emotions.
Hearing that loud cry,
to my heart ,begged I
not to let pour
the sentiments of yours.

That infant is so free
she could let the world see
her wail,wrath and laughter.
She is her own master.

Trying to divert my mind
as I looked out of the window,
amidst the black clouds I find,
the caged tears of my eyes
are eloping from the black skies.

Unbounded by any chains,
the nature is showering rains.
That infant is too showcasing her pains.
To their freedom I am envious.
But to the world
my agonies' seizure
is the only definition of
"Being Mature".
                           -Tanushree Dutta

Saturday, 6 July 2013

A tale of two stones

Amidst this darkness
in this wilderness
when even a fireflie's sight
could bring in your life
a little light,
you were in search 
of even the minutest of light
such was your plight!

All the agonies and
sorrows had made you a stone.
I being dejected and forlorn
had too  become a stone.

The strong wind brought
us together.
Destined to meet
I thought we are
bonded forever.

Did you sensed those sparks
when I touched you?
I know they were few
but don't know
why this time I felt so new.

Soon those cruel rains
in my life
entered like a bane.
I tried to rub with you
again and again.
But all was in vain.
Never again that spark was ignited.
The fire could never be lighted.

The relationship couldn't be mended.
The miseries haven't ended.
Tossed in a different direction was I
by that passerby.
I had to part from you
without even saying a "bye".

                                               - Tanushree Dutta

Tuesday, 19 March 2013


On my face wearing that smile
I had walked miles and miles
in search of water
and a soothing bower.
Despite the blisters in my poor feet
I am walking
amidst this dust and under the heat.

My happiness knew no bounds
when I heard that sound.
I was walking on the air
when I saw
a glimpse of that water reservoir.
With you I developed an affinity
because I was very thirsty.

The discovery of that elixir
made me build castles in the air.
My parched lips tried to feel solace.
The feeling was just marvelous.
Then the wind scattered
the pictures of my collage
and I realized
you were just a mirage.
                                          -Tanushree Dutta
On my face wearing that smile
I had walked miles and miles

Friday, 8 March 2013

Why did you come, when you had to go ?

But I want to let you know
my poor body would've borne that cruel snow.

You provided blanket on my shoulder
and rescued me from this winter.
Oh dear benovalent.
I thank you for your present.
But I want to let you know
my poor body would've borne that cruel snow.
With its warmth it gave me  protection.
Gradually with it I developed intoxication.
Sleeping besides the bornfire that night.
No more with this winter I had to put up a fight.
But that light brought darkness
as it burnt my blanket into ashes.
Oh!Why did you come 
when you had to go.
You just added agonies
to my cup of sorrow. ;(
                                         -Tanushree Dutta

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Seeking Answers To The Questions Unknown

Walking on this road
now I am alone.
I'm on my way to seek answers 
to the question unknown.
I try to introspect
my deeds every day.
So as to know
why the colours faded to grey.
Without being aware of my offence
how can I perform repentance?
Please, break your silence.
Without your guidance,
I am blinded in this haze.
I'll get lost in this maze.
Shower your warmth and love.
Don't up your sleeve.
Otherwise hard it would be for me
to turn into new leaf.
                                        -Tanushree Dutta
Walking on this road
now I am alone.
I'm on my way to seek answers
to the questions unknown.


Saturday, 19 January 2013

A dead person's plea

Gone was I when I closed my eyes.
When I was cold as frozen ice.
Gone was I when on that pyre
to my corpse you set fire.
But I know,
from your heart never gone was I
It's so hard for you
to wish me a ' Bye'.

Oh dear, please stop your tears
and remove this funeral wear.
No longer my soul is free
as your pain binds me.
Within this marshland,I am stuck.
Neither can I again come
nor able to leave earth.
My soul wants to rest in peace
so forget me
as I am deceased.
                                                   - Tanushree Dutta

Monday, 7 January 2013


Sometimes her own life
becomes her inspiration.
For which she
doesn't need an imagination.
With her pen this damsel
does cast spell.
But every time she doesn't think of a ruse.
Sometime she herself becomes muse.
                                                               -Tanushree Dutta

Thursday, 3 January 2013

And it became ineffaceable

The joys and the blues
the paleness and the hue.
By a single click it captures
helping the lingering memories
to remain alive forever.
                                        -Tanushree Dutta