Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Seeking Answers To The Questions Unknown

Walking on this road
now I am alone.
I'm on my way to seek answers 
to the question unknown.
I try to introspect
my deeds every day.
So as to know
why the colours faded to grey.
Without being aware of my offence
how can I perform repentance?
Please, break your silence.
Without your guidance,
I am blinded in this haze.
I'll get lost in this maze.
Shower your warmth and love.
Don't up your sleeve.
Otherwise hard it would be for me
to turn into new leaf.
                                        -Tanushree Dutta
Walking on this road
now I am alone.
I'm on my way to seek answers
to the questions unknown.



  1. Oh friend of mine
    please make me aware
    of your whine.
    So that the friendship
    which has faded
    can again shine.

  2. This sure is no whine
    The deeds you sow
    Are the weeds that grow
    Freezing the colours
    And the sun that glows
    This leaf now sways
    The weeds' in tatters
    Now buck up dear mate
    Why hesitate
    Softly pen this
    On your slate ===

  3. Ah!! I couldn't understand what you meant by ===

  4. Nothing just dashes,instead of Full Stops-