Saturday, 6 July 2013

A tale of two stones

Amidst this darkness
in this wilderness
when even a fireflie's sight
could bring in your life
a little light,
you were in search 
of even the minutest of light
such was your plight!

All the agonies and
sorrows had made you a stone.
I being dejected and forlorn
had too  become a stone.

The strong wind brought
us together.
Destined to meet
I thought we are
bonded forever.

Did you sensed those sparks
when I touched you?
I know they were few
but don't know
why this time I felt so new.

Soon those cruel rains
in my life
entered like a bane.
I tried to rub with you
again and again.
But all was in vain.
Never again that spark was ignited.
The fire could never be lighted.

The relationship couldn't be mended.
The miseries haven't ended.
Tossed in a different direction was I
by that passerby.
I had to part from you
without even saying a "bye".

                                               - Tanushree Dutta