Thursday, 13 September 2012

Confessions of an adult

Standing before the mirror after a decade
I suddenly realised
I too have become a facade
and my noble qualities did get fade.

The world which is really cynical
made me skeptical.
I was amicable before.
But those were the days of yore.

Discovering myself too featuring hypocrisy
was astonishing for me.
Now I am engulfed in dirty politics
have started applying all those cheap tactics.

Running in this rat race of mad competition
I found myself a selfish person.
In order to fulfill my insatiable desire
I have become so dire!

The journey to adulthood made me cruel
as I had to survive in this battle.
I am now unable to find  in this ambiance
my misplaced childhood innocence.

I thank you baby dear
as your face like mirror
made me remember
all those qualities which I
possess no longer.
                                     -Tanushree Dutta

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