Saturday, 25 August 2012

The Longing of a Soulful and Solitary Lover

For a glimpse of you, my eyes yearn.

And one more silent night passed.
I am in solitude.
Still distressed and anxious is my mood.
Stealthily when the wind kissed me
I felt your presence, oh fiancée.
Came like a dawn,
were those old memories.
Gave solace to this heart which is full of agonies.
I am horrified dear beloved.
That wind which just blew,
brought with it a stench of blood.
For a glimpse of you, my eyes yearn.
How painful can love become
now I learn.
I hope after this rain
comes   a rainbow.
You defeat the country’s foe.
And then embracing me
You fulfill yours ‘Togetherness’ Vow’
-Tanushree Dutta

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