Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Freedom from my own country??

Amidst the amalgam  of all the patriotic songs played countrywide today,I felt myself very lucky for having born in independent India. The spirit of independence, liberation and freedom  is a feeling that everyone cherishes.Freedom from tyranny, oppression, subjugation is independence. But does the meaning of independence limits to this only ? Does independence only mean being aware of your rights and raising voice to enjoy them ? Does it not mean discharging your fundamental duties ?

The cases of corruption, terrorism, riots and other crimes are increasing at an alarming rate. Unquestionably, in the international economic arena India is reaching new heights. But sadly, in this fast pace of development we Indians have become so self-centered.Those feelings of patriotism and brotherhood merely  remained entangled in history books.

On seeing this plight of independent India I really feel
'Does independence mean being independent of your own country ? '
                    JAI HIND and HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY
                                                                                    -Tanushree Dutta

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