Tuesday, 10 July 2012

So what..

So what if all my dreams get ruined.
So what if life had taught me
to be free of every single desire.
So what if I am unable to get what I always admire
So what if I always have to suffer pangs of defeat.
So what if my life is not sweet.
So what if God has always disposed
what I proposed.

In my life's battle being a loser
to me now hardly matter.
Though I am not a good conqueror
but I am a brave warrior.
No force can ever deter
my strong will power.

Oh Lord,Thee,Almighty
Let you make my way hazy.
But I promise you
 I will find my life's hue.
My hardwork one day
will surely overcome the obstacles
created by you.
                                -Tanushree Dutta
(Your opinions are appreciated)

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