I am a coin of one rupee
born in the year 1970.
But very sad to say ,
I can't celebrate my birthday.
Because I don't have any birth certificate 
so, nobody knows the exact date.
The year is only known to me
as it's engraved on my body.

After I was born I was kept in a locker
along with my other brothers and sisters
Then, one day a shopkeeper involved me in a transaction
As a balance amount, to a mother I was given.

The mother's boy wasn't fascinated by my cute body
Without hesitation, he parted me
for the purchase of a Cadbury.
Don't be amazed .
In the year 1985
my value was similar to present day Rs. 25

Now let me tell you an interesting story
of how I performed the job of ten rupees.
One day two friends were going to sell 20 berries.
Only one of them had money
which was ofcourse I.
During the journey my possessor 
was mad with hunger.
He ate two berries
by paying his friend one rupee.
The other friend also became hungry
he repaid his friend one rupee
for eating two berries.
Like this two friends who were very hungry
ate all berries
and I performed the job of ten rupees.

Nowadays hardly a toffee's worth is my valuation
and due to fast depreciation
I am becoming of no use.
To accept me even beggars often refuse!
Soon approaching time of my elimination
I shall be driven out of circulation
and become a history for future generation
when hundred rupees note will be 
the lowest denomination.

                                               -Tanushree Dutta