Friday, 25 May 2012

Environment is Enviable

Preaching to save environment
Is a global feature
But is anybody really serious
On this matter ?
If yes is the answer
Why then it brings disaster?

The sun gives light everyday
Forests supply oxygen
In their own way
Rivers quench our thirst
Without expecting us to pay
Why then human beings
Disturb environment
From its natural stay ?

Clearing forests for land
Polluting the environment
In the name of development
Do they bring prosperity to one and all ?
Or allow a few to show opulence
At the cost of numerous downtrodden's
happiness to fall.

Why are people cruel
To the most generous mother nature?
For no fault of the environment
They seem to have abhorrence
In fact,they should be ashamed
of such repugnance

Throwing unbiodegrable things
Here and There
Allowing germs to grow from everywhere
Thinking that the others
also make it filthy
Then,how can environment be tidy?

When human beings play with nature
They alone suffer.
As global warming and much more 
Would destroy their future

So listen my dear friends,
Environment is amiable
But,if we
continue to disturb
The ecological balance 
Our future would be vulnerable.

                                                   -Tanushree Dutta

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