Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Visiting college after hours

It was evening time
when I visited college of mine.
Is gate seemed so unwelcoming
made me feel as if I was intruding.

The cacaphonies of students got lost somewhere
Another ruler has come to the power
A deafening silence was ruling the place.
In its reign the charm of college did get fade.

The canteen stood drab and dull
Somebody hushed its hustle and bustle
The gourmet which once were so delicious
Now strangely tasted flavourless.

This wierd atmosphere
wasn't less than a worst nightmare
As the college with its inexplicable silence
was resembling an apparition's residence

The never ending silence was finally broken
by the jarring words
of the housekeeping department

The garden,located at college's entrance
soon captivated me with its mystical fragrance
The flower's pristine beauty
and the lawn's serenity
made me forget all my miseries.
While enjoying this newly felt rejuvenation
I realized the glory of garden 
always got lost in college's commotion. 
                                                     -Tanushree Dutta
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