Friday, 25 May 2012

Don't you think so much

Sometimes you want to laugh a loud
in a busy crowd.
But then halt  your laughter
thinking how people
would remark on that matter

Sometimes you want to crack jokes
with your folks.
But put an end to your desire
thinking this activity people might not admire.

Sometimes you want to express your pain
and let your tears rain.
But then don't  cry
thinking  others would term you
"A Frantic Guy"

Sometimes you are in a mood of doing mischief
want to play pranks and tricks.
But then to your antic,you put a closure
thinking about the ignominy
it may bring to you in future.

Sometimes you felt infatuated
wrote a rhapsody,to her it was dedicated.
But stopped you endearment
thinking on how she would comment

Oh dear mate
you don't cogitate
about the outcomes.
Enjoy life as it comes
Then only,your life will blossom.
                                                       -Tanushree Dutta


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